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エドモントン日系人フィルムReiko's Hina Doll撮影継続のための寄付募集中

監督Komaki Matsuiさん、原作Yumiko Hoyanoさんによる日系人の強制収容を扱った映画Reiko’s Hina Dollの撮影を継続するために寄付を募集しています。次のサイトに撮影済みのシーンの一部が紹介されており、また、そこからカード決済で直接寄付を行うことができます。

This film is based on the true story of a woman who brought a set of carefully preserved Japanese dolls to the Edmonton Japanese Community Association. They were wrapped in newspaper from Japan dated in the 1930s. When asked how she was able to keep the dolls, because property was confiscated in the World War II internment process, she simply said, “We fled.” This is our imagining of what she and her family went through to keep the dolls in such great shape. The script is meant to be historically accurate and is based on what fragments of her story remain. Enough money was raised in the initial round to shoot enough footage for a brief trailer. We need some help to shoot in the summer of 2011, when we will take viewers back to the Fraser Valley in B.C. before war broke out.