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PANCS 2012(北京)Call for Papers







Call for Papers

The 2012 Conference for the Pacific Asia Network of Canadian Studies (PANCS)
September19–22, 2012
Communication University of China
Beijing, China

Formed in 2006, PANCS brings together the Associations for Canadian Studies in the Asian Pacific region, with the objective of fostering linkages, encouraging new research and developing an Asia Pacific dimension of Canadian Studies. Since 2007, graduate seminars have been held with a wide variety of papers ranging from environment, economics and international relations to literature. Two such seminars were held in Hong Kong and New Delhi in 2007, followed by one in Brisbane in July 2008, one in Osaka, Japan in 2009 and one in Jerusalem in 2010, and one in Soul, Korea in October 2011.

The conference will include the presidents’ meeting and a graduate seminar. For this year’s conference, the theme is “Canadian and Asian Cultures in the Vision of World Civilianization,” analyzing issues pertaining to culture, civilization, literature, education, 
language, energy, environment, tourism, politics, law, diplomacy and media. The speakers are encouraged to discuss the following issues: 1. Canadian systems and Asia-Canada cultural relationship; 2. soft power and Asia-Canada cultural industry; 3. Canadian ethnic issues and multiculturalism; 4. Canadian literature and language; 5. Canadian education, geography, history and art. Papers can be country-specific, comparative or regional in focus. Graduate students are encouraged to submit their proposals. Full paper submission will be notified later. The deadline for submission of abstracts is June 30, 2012, and all enquiries and submission of abstracts should be made to the Conference Secretariat, Dr. Jin Haina and a copy to Prof. Wang Bing.(メアド省略) 

Accepted participants will receive free registration, accommodations and meals. At least, 
70% of the airfare will be provided by the conference. 

The Organization Committee of the 2012 PANCS Conference
March 2, 2012